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We address barriers to education and work with communities and local governments to improve the quality of education children receive.


Children represent 51% of Tanzania’s population. But only 16% of children are currently registered

at birth, according to the latest Tanzania surveys. And that percentage is even lower in rural areas,

making it harder to identify and help children in need. While Tanzania recognizes child rights

and has made important progress, children continue to suffer shocking levels of child mortality,

malnutrition, lack of education and early marriage. 40% of children are out of school,

with 24% engaged in child labor, instead of learning. Tanzania’s children need your help.

Knowledge is power, and education is the fundamental precondition

for political development, democracy and social justice.   

Like Francis Bacon, we believe that an educated community is essential to overcoming poverty. We strive to educate our students in a community where over 60 % of primary students at local government schools fail their examinations and where English as a language is not yet taught. English is the medium of all secondary school studies and is a prerequisite to meaningful employment and a professional career.

The Prince of Peace Primary School

Francis Bacon

At the village of Mvumi Makulu, about 8 kilometres from the Amani Centre, Hearts for Africa has funded the construction of the Prince of Peace Preschool and (on a separate campus) the Prince of Peace Primary school, which covers all primary school grades (one to seven). It is an English Medium school and this is important as students who speak English have better access to secondary school education and more work opportunities. All teaching is conducted in English to prepare them for the workplace or further study. The school includes a library, a multi-purpose building with   kitchen
facilities, toilet blocks and both solar and electric power. There are currently 64 in the Preschoool and 278 in the Primary School.

POP school 2 (2).jpg

Children of Peace Preschool 

There are over 300 orphans receiving education at the Children of Peace School that operates in the village of Igondola in partnership with the local community of St John’s Anglican parish that manages the school, provides cooks and other staff, homes for the orphans, men to construct buildings on a voluntary basis and women as foster mothers to care for and love each child. Amani’s role is to fund all building and equipment costs, teacher training and meeting all on-going running costs.


Hearts for Africa (Amani) Foundation and its US partner sponsor students at all levels from preschool to university by meeting a significant percentage of their education costs including school or college fees, uniforms, text books and boarding costs at distant locations. The higher education students are sponsored on the basis they will be employed in leadership positions by the local community, local government or Amani once the students graduate and gain the requisite experience. All sponsored students (or their parents) are asked to do manual work at Amani in partial compensation for the benefits they receive.

Household Pig Program

In the middle of Standard VII year at primary school a household can receive a weaned pig. At sale a sum would be retained for the replacement pig and the remaining funds dedicated to the student’s education. This will be a once only gift, but should provide all necessary support through High School. See below for donation details to further a child's education.

Beatrice 4 b_edited.jpg

With your support we have succeeded in making our school a centre of academic excellence in this region and at the national level. We are proud of our pupils as they do well in the next level as they move on to Secondary School. Teachers and pupils are working hard, demonstrating a dedicated attitude. Due to the good foundation we provide at our school, each year all of our pupils pass the examinations and progress to the next level. Every year we have high hopes for the results of the National Examinations.  Sincerely, the school could not prosper without your generous support.

We thank you all once again for your thoughtfulness and pray that you will
continue to support our school.

Beatrice Christopher

Headmistress, Prince of Peace English Medium School.

June, 2021

A Word from the Students


"I like my Prince of Peace English Medium Primary School because there are good teachers who work very hard, and teach us very well." 

Salome Jackson

"I love my Prince of Peace School. The school is so attractive, though it is far from my home. I walk five kilometres every day." 

                                                               Edwin Lewanga


Your generous gift will transform lives and empower future generations for families living in poverty.

You CAN make a difference!

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