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Water & Energy

Hearts for Africa is partnering with Amani to provide access to clean, drinking water...

a basic human right

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Linus Nylund

PROBLEM: For women, collecting                         water steals time 

Worldwide, women and girls spend an estimated

200 million hours every single day collecting water.

In Tanzania, it is not uncommon for women to travel upto 10 km every day just to find water and

may take up to 3 hours. This burden robs

women and girls of time to learn, time to be a kid,

time to earn an income, time to rest, and time spent with family. For hundreds of millions of people,

being born female means

life revolves around water collection.

Everything else comes second.


What Hearts for Africa is doing about the SOLUTION

Carrying Water (2).jpg

Through the generosity of our donors, and in conjunction with the Amani support group in the U.S., Hearts for Africa has funded the sinking of deep wells with associated windmills, water storage and supply systems that provide permanent clean water for several local villages...that's nearly 50,000 people!  In some villages there is a sufficient supply of well-water for use in irrigation as well as for drinking. 

Water is a vital element of life and Amani’s role in early years was almost exclusively to sink wells to provide a permanent supply of clean water in villages where there were none.

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